Our School

Our Values

Our school bases its learning and values on the word P.R.I.D.E. It is this phrase “Parkvale Pride” that is echoed throughout our school, by students, staff and our community. We firmly believe in educating the whole child so that they become ‘confident, collaborative, connected and creative’ lifelong learners.

At Parkvale School we embrace new knowledge about how students learn best. We are embarking on establishing ‘modern learning environments’ that give students flexibility in how they learn. Teacher strengths are utilised and students take ownership of their learning.

The children at Parkvale School are truly inspirational and the staff are incredibly talented and caring. Our community is supportive, friendly and keen participants in school activities.

P - Personal Best through deliberate acts of learning, (planned, focussed, creative, curious and reflective) we will strive for excellence.

R - Respect and Responsibility for ourselves, others and the environment.

I - Integrity by being honest and reliable

D - Determination by persevering with commitment, resilience and patience.

E - Enjoyment through social interaction and engagement we will have fun! 

Our Facilities

The school has attractive spacious grounds, a bike track, a highly functional library and exceptionally well resourced classrooms.

During Term 1 and 4 we offer swimming in our school pool.

Our Community

There is a high level of community involvement at school. Parents like to help in many ways like student Reading, class trips, camps, sports coaching and support. We are also fortunate to have a supportive PTA who over the years have provided many additional resources for the benefit of Parkvale students.

Education Review Office (ERO)

View the latest ERO report (September 2015): Click Here

School Charter

The school charter sets the direction for the school and identifies the priorities the board expects the principal to be leading.  View the school charter:  Click Here

School Financial Reports

A copy of the latest financial report can be found here.  Click Here.